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Traffic tickets can be more expensive than you think, and they can have severe and often unforeseen consequences. The attorneys at Christopher & McQuillan, LLP, understand the significant impact that traffic violations can have.


Did you know that convictions for certain traffic infractions can result in license revocation? You could be facing fines, state mandated surcharges, or jail time.


You also may be subject to increased insurance rates, adding points to your license, or losing your license and privilege to drive altogether.

If you have received school and construction zone tickets, speeding tickets, cell phone tickets, distracted driving tickets or DWI/DUI tickets, we can help guide you through the legal process so you do not get hit with surprise fines or fees later.


Prevent increased insurance rates. Keep your driver's license from being suspended. Turn to the law firm of Christopher & McQuillan for all of your legal needs regarding driving and traffic tickets.

Is your driver’s license suspended? Keep calm and call CM Law now to help prevent increased insurance rates.





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We Can Help You With Your Traffic Tickets